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I use a Yaesu FT-847 for HF, 6 meters, 2 meters, & 70cm. My main interests are SSB weak signal work, and OSCAR (Orbiting Satellites Carrying Amateur Radio).

Yaesu FT-50r
Contains info on constructing a P.C. programming interface for the FT-50R, as well as software to program the radio.

Kenwood TK-805
Information on programming a Kenwood UHF business band radio for Amateur use.

Antenna Page
Info on my current antenna system.



Hi, my name is Mark, welcome to my website!
I hold an Extra class Ham Radio operator's license, and if you haven't guessed it yet, my callsign is N9XK. Why ham radio you ask? Well, ever since I was a kid I was always fascinated at how information (voice/data) travels through the sky and is heard or used by someone else in a different location. There is so much to learn about radio, that perhaps one will never explore every facet of the "radio art" in a lifetime. Amateur radio is a good hobby to explore those different "facets" of radio communication, as well as talk to others that have the same interests. My web page is here to share information with other hams or those interested in becoming FCC licensed Amateur Radio Operators. If you've come here after a QSO, you can see a photo of my "shack" and see a couple of my projects, as well as links to other ham related websites. My wife Debbie is also a ham, she has a Technician class license and her callsign is K4DJS.



Amateur Satellites (OSCAR)
Info on Amateur satellites, as well as links to other Satellite web sites.

Amateur Licensing Study Resources
Links and info on Amateur Radio Licensing and study.

Family and Friends
My XYL, K4DJS will be in charge of the content here, and as the name implies we'll have photos of our activities and family, etc. This area will change from time to time. It is currently under construction.

This page is still under construction.
Check back soon for updates! '73 N9XK

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